work at ::play::

“At ::play:: we favor ability over experience. Here your actions say everything.”

  • - ::players:: wear several hats and move effortlessly in and out of the project lead.
  • - ::players:: innately set up conditions to measure outcomes and track performance.
  • - ::players:: are agile.
  • - ::players:: are an active part of the community, always reading, learning and training on the smartest      approaches, applications and tools.
  • - ::players:: understand that personal growth comes from personal change.
  • - ::players:: continuously seek to work smarter and faster.
  • - ::players:: collaborate.

are you a player?

  • entrepreneurial :: creative:: agile:: leader::
  • eager learner
  • self motivated, task oriented, wicked team player
  • that's not my job attitude
  • innovative, creative problem solver
  • super versatile, agile, thrives on being busy [moving between projects and tasks as needed]
  • expands our capabilities and thinking, expands your own capabilities and thinking
  • no prob as lead on projects for clients [timelines, client interactions…]
  • if you like the agile manifesto and cluetrain manifesto… you’ll love us

  • career growth
  • earned time benefit [ETB] plan
  • annual merit program
  • medical / dental
  • short/long term disability
  • life insurance
  • 401(k)
  • never work on your birthday
  • annual surprise employee appreciation day
  • great work environment – fun, hardworking people
  • frequent cakes and chocolate – any excuse for a party!


specific requirements::

1-4 years experience in web development. Every member of the ::play:: team has core skills + versatile cross-over talents. Come with, and/or come willing to learn, these core skills:

  • agile programmer:: If you ruled the world everything would be in opensource, but you can work & learn in many client applications & language [Ruby, PHP, VB, C#] Oh yeah, for you it’s all about minimalist and pragmatic coding.
  • web frameworks:: Easy breezy….[Classic ASP,, Rails].
  • system administration:: Maybe know it already or need to learn it on the job. No matter you can handle anything technology -- Windows Server, Linux, Web Servers [IIS, Apache, Nginx]. Database [MS Sql Server, MySql, Postgresql]. Mail Servers [MS Exchange, iMail, Postfix]. TCP/IP, DNS

cool crossover skills:: Streaming, XHTML, CSS, Photoshop... What else will you bring to the team?

to apply::

Send the following to

  • Resume
  • List of your 3 favorite sites. These sites have a great design, interface, or purpose. You didn’t work on them, but secretly wish you did.

::play:: is expanding it’s team and looking for a few good contractors to take on various media and technology tasks. If you know you would make a reliable go-to contractor, talk to us.

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