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“Over 100 federal, state, county and municipal contracts delivered on time and on budget. We’re DBE, WBE, SOMBWA, DOT, GSA and we’re always gov ready.”

Since 1996, we have had the privilege to collaborate, problem-solve, and innovate with all levels of government agencies. We know first-hand the unique challenges the government market faces. In fact, more than half of our clients come from the government sector.

Whether its increasing usage, empowering users, educating, conducting online outreach, video, vLearning, interoperability, IT/networking services, integration, server migration, data sharing, application development or going paper-to-paperless, we deliver simple, smart, modern solutions to drive your agency forward.

The next time you bid on a municipal, county or state contract in the Commonwealth, call us to be your technical or creative AMP partner. We’re seriously innovative, have high standards, crazy technology depth and SOMWBA certifications in both WBE and DBE. We also write and deliver government contracts so it’s always a smooth collaboration.

What is SOMWBA?
Executive Order 390, and Massachusetts General Law Chapter 7, Section 40N establish the state’s affirmative purchasing programs for minority and women businesses. SOMWBA certification verifies the eligibility of a business or non-profit organization to participate in these business programs.
What is DBE Certification?
DBE certification is a Federal designation used in conjunction with US Department of Transportation (US DOT) funded projects and contracts. State agencies and organizations using DBE certification include the Executive Office of Transportation, Massachusetts Highway Department (MHD), the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority (MTA) Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project (CA/T), the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission (MAC), Worcester Airport, Barnstable Airport, and many Regional Transit Authorities throughout the Commonwealth.

Statewide Contract ITT37 – Internet Hosting and Access Services

Our team has been selected as an IT service provider for The Commonwealth of Massachusetts statewide contract ITT37. This contract is for the purchase of internet access service, web site hosting and hosted applications by eligible public agencies throughout The Commonwealth.

How do I get started?
Simply call or email the ::play:: team, mention ITT37, and we'll get going!
What services can I get from ITT37? ITT37 consists of three categories of services. ::play:: was selected to provide services for Category 2 – Web Site and Application Hosting Services. This category includes the following:
  • Web site hosting
  • Application hosting services
  • On-line learning systems
  • Website design and management
  • Host name registration
  • Portal services
  • ASP-type services
  • Mail relay
  • Video streaming
Who is eligible to purchase off of ITT37?
  • Cities, towns, districts, counties and other political subdivisions ;
  • Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches, including all Departments and elected offices therein;
  • Independent public authorities,, commissions and quasi-public agencies;
  • Local public libraries, public school districts and charter schools;
  • Public hospitals owned by the Commonwealth;
  • Public institutions of higher education;
  • Public purchasing cooperatives;
  • Non-profit, UFR-certified organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth;
  • Other states and territories with no prior approval by the State Purchasing Agent required;
  • Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent.
How long is the contract available?
The contract period is from 07/01/2008 to 06/30/2010 with three 1-year options to renew with a maximum termination date of 06/30/2013.

Our team is now a pre-qualified vendor for the Massachusetts Department of Correction Public Safety & Security Training contract [09-9050-J50]. This contract is for the delivery of public safety and security or other law enforcement specialized training services.

Crafting distance learning and training solutions has been a niche for our team for over a decade. We have extensive experience delivering e-Learning and distance training solutions in the government and public safety sector. Whether it’s webcasting, streaming media, podcasts, webinars, live Q &As, forums, learning management systems, custom programming, or IT networking and integration, we have the tools and expertise to bring your agency to the next level.

Not on the contract?
If you or your business would like to provide trainers, lecturers, instructors, or learning systems technical support for the MADOC, you can subcontract with us. Just contact us so we can learn more about your services and experience.
Government agencies other than MADOC are also able to purchase from this contract. Please contact us to learn more.

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